How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano?

This may be a question you’ve asked yourself time after time. Playing piano is not something you can learn overnight. Instead, it takes time, commitment, patience, and a whole lot of practice! In general, the answer to this question depends on how much time you invest in learning how to play.


Consider a Piano Instructor

Hiring an instructor will speed up your learning process, but don’t rely 100% on this. You want to take responsibility into your own hands and practice on your own time along with your lessons. If you decide to teach yourself, take advantage of all the free resources online and perhaps invest some money in guides, DVD’s, and accessories.

Set Goals

You want something to propel you forward as you learn. Maybe there is a specific song you want to learn, or you promised your family you would perform at the next family gathering. Whatever it is that motivates you, stick to that. You also want to set short-term goals such as how many hours a day you want to practice.

Reading Music

A good goal you should world towards is being able to read music successfully. This will be made possible once you memorize notes. This can be accomplished in a couple weeks if you practice every day and correctly. Eventually, you can begin playing beginner level songs and work your way up.

These are some ways to speed up the learning process, but keep in mind that it will take more than a few months to play the piano well. Typically, it will take a few years, however, the benefits of playing the piano are several and worth practicing.