Piano Lessons 101

The process of learning how to the play piano is very enjoyable and brings many benefits along the way. Absolutely anyone can learn how to play this instrument regardless of age or intellect. There are two ways to learn how to play the piano – the traditional way which is hiring an instructor or a new way which includes teaching yourself.


Hire an Instructor

This is the traditional way to learn how to play the piano. For obvious reasons, it is more expensive than teaching yourself how to play the piano, however, there are some benefits. A good instructor will have several years of experience playing and teaching piano lessons. They will help you avoid developing bad habits that can take you a while to unlearn.

Additionally, instructors can tell where you are making mistakes and correct you as you go. This will save you time in the long run and allow you to make progress more quickly. You can see your piano teacher as often as you would like. As time goes on you’ll see them less and less, but it’s always a good idea see them at least once a month to check-up for your progress.

Teaching Yourself

This option requires more discipline on your part since you are your sole instructor. You want to begin by sitting down at the piano and familiarizing yourself with it. You can learn the basics by reading books or articles on the web. YouTube tutorials are also available. The best part is that many of these resources are made available to you at no cost.

Along with using instructional books and videos, study your notes. Familiarize yourself with common cords beginning with the majors then follow it with the minors. After learning finger placement which you should learn from your books, learn how to play notes. Finally, start off with an easy song to bring everything together.

Which Option is Best?

The option that is best depends completely on you. If you need the extra motivation, discipline, and support consider seeking the help of an instructor. However, if you like learning things on your own and can pick up material easy on your own, you will do a fine job teaching yourself how to play the piano.

Don’t wait any longer and go find the right piano for you. A Baldwin piano is a popular selection among pianists due to it’s beauty and rich tone. Once you get your hands on the one right for you, we suggest at least 30 minutes a day, but more if possible. Along with this, review your notes and sight reading occasionally. You can do this anywhere and anytime since you don’t need a piano to practice these.

Remember that consistency and dedication is key to mastering your piano playing skills. This is not a skill that you learn overnight as it takes patience. As you develop your skills you will realize the many benefits playing piano will bring into your life. Exercising both your body and your mind, this activity will enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one.